WEEKS 5 & 6

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Lecture 9 PPTX - Podcast
Lifting air and atmospheric stability and cloud formation.
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Lecture 10 PPTX - Podcast
Precipitaiton processes and precipitaiton types.
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Midterm Review #1 no PPT
Going over the Midterm Review sheet for the first exam.
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Midterm Exam #1 no PPt


Dr. Jennifer Griswold


Dr. Griswold has a PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from the University of California Santa Cruz. She worked for NASA at JPL and Caltech before coming to UH to join the Atmospheric Sciences Deparment. She studies clouds, aerosols (pollution), climate change using aircraft, satellites and models. She loves helping get students excited about science and the weather! She's also a professional Argentine Tango dancer.

  • Dr. Jennifer D. S. Griswold
  • OFFICE: HIG 341
  • Phone: 808-956-3636
  • Email:
  • Office Hours: TTH 1:30-2:30


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Fun and useful topics to help you undertand the world aroud

This is a lecture course that involves learning new terminology and expanding your vocabulary. You'll also learn how weather phenomana work and why we see certain phenomena in certain places.  Basic physical principles and processes are emphasized that are important for understanding the world and have broad implications for students interested in weather and global environmental change and other environmental disciplines.  We’ll also learn about Hawaii weather as it applies to different topics throughout the course.

Download the Sylllaubs HERE